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Sometimes you just need to speak your mind and feel heard.

Sometimes it’s important to dig deep into the why of a problem and understand its roots.

Sometimes it’s deeply helpful to contemplate and work with your nervous system.

Sometimes it’s enough to just find the places in your body that are blocked  and release them.


And sometimes you need all of it. Together all at once or one gentle step after the next.

To bring body, mind and soul back into alignment.

How I Work

I work on a holistic level. This means that in a trial session, which lasts one to two hours, we initially get to know each other through conversation to consider the emotional distress. Subsequently, I analyze your body using a full-body massage. Over the course of my "Just Feel Good" program, I deepen the treatments by transitioning the conversation into bodywork to release blockages. For this reason, I do not offer single sessions, but a package that lasts at least one month, to accompany and observe the healing process. Exceptions are made for people who have already worked with me and know how I operate.


The packages are becoming increasingly expensive as the content and depth of the treatments become more intensive, in order to maintain the quality and my energy levels. For this reason, I do not work in assembly line fashion, but rather, I take the time to hold this space. I also do not want to time limit what could happen or come out. Therefore, there are no time specifications. A session lasts at least 90 minutes and can go up to four hours.


A trial session of one to two hours costs 100€. For further package bookings, these costs are deducted from the respective price. The sessions take place in my private practice, which ensures a secure privacy.

For further information and questions, I look forward to communication via email or calls.

I speak fluent Greek, English and German



  • 8 therapeutic bodywork sessions
  • In-depth dialogues.
  • Integration session.
  • Therapeutic massages and dialogues from one-month program.
  • Cold exposure therapy.
  • Emotional release practices.
  • Behavior pattern analysis.
  • Healthy diet and exercise guidance.
  • All components of the three-month program.
  • Deep focus on mind and ego control.
  • Evolved, energetic massages.
  • Support for creating your desired self.

Somewhere Special


For individual needs and offers,

please send a short email to


Please keep in mind that I do not give one-off hourly sessions but rather several sessions at

regular intervals in order to be able to supervise and accompany the healing progress.


a Mind Full of Body

Marina Mahajan
Thiseos 11
175 62 Paleo Faliro - Athens

Tel. +30 694 755 4667